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Ngāti Tamatereka

Ngāti Tamatereka:

Tamatereka was the eldest child of Haeretekura and Pareataha. Very little has been recorded about this tupuna, in fact, at present we have not been able to identify the name of his wife and mother of his son Manukahoka (a.k.a. Te Rangipahoka).   It is known that his pā and residence, named Tapueaturukarere, which he occupied with his brother Tūpito was located on the Rangatira Block. Tamatereka was known as “a noted warrior” and he participated in the battle of “Te Whiti”.  His descendants, who became known as Ngāti Tamatereka, includes many present-day whānau members, particularly those who descend from Utiku Potaka; Ramiha Potaka; Hireti te Rata and Tūpakihi Potaka, the four children of Tapui (Arapeta) Potaka.  

Many other descendant lines of Tamatereka, such as his great-grandchildren, Te Kata; Inuwai and Ruru, the siblings of Kirikaingaere, died out through the lack of issue, or were subsumed into other hapū or iwi through inter-marriage.

A whakapapa list, that gives a brief outline of the descendant lines of the Tamatereka Hapū from Tupakihi and his brother Tūwharaukiekie, of Ngāti Whatumamoa, down through Hauiti and Hineruarangi to Tapui Potaka and his four children, is set out below:

Ngāti Tamatereka

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