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Te Maru o Ruahine Trust Services

Te Maru o Ruahine literally means the 

“Protection and shelter of the Ruahine Mountain range”

It refers to the nurturing and caring of our social wellbeing and the provision of a sanctuary for whānau

The Purpose of the Trust is to provide quality whānau support services to 
  •  Ngāti Hauiti whānau 
  •  Māori and non-Māori whānau within the Ngāti Hauiti rohe
Our kaupapa includes working inclusively as a team to increase whānau hapū capacity. We use a Māori holistic and strengths based approach. 
We work kanohi ki te kanohi with whānau on a wide range of issues; no problem is too big or too small. 


Te Maru o Ruahine Trust provides social support, health, cultural and environmental services. The following are staff members employed by Te Maru o Ruahine Trust and the services they provide: 





General Manager

Ko Aorangi te maunga tapu
Ko Ruahine te pae maunga
Ko Moawhango rahi rāua Ko Rangitīkei ngā awa
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Moawhango rāua Ko Rātā ngā marae
Ko Ngāti Whiti-Tama rāua Ko Ngāti Tamatereka ngā hapū
Ko Ngāti Whitikaupeka rāua Ko Ngāti Hauiti ngā iwi
Born and raised in Moawhango Roberts parents Taonui and Rona Martin imparted a lot of sound values that he has used positively through out his life.  Roberts whakapapa to Ngāti Hauiti is through his Ngāti Tamatereka hapū. Robert has lived in Turakina for the last 31 years where he has raised his family of three children and his  granddaughter with his very supportive wife Lisa.
Robert has been fortunate throughout his career to have been involved in a range of working environments.  He has been trained in and learnt a specific set of skills through industries from hospitality, procurement, agriculture, contract management, exporting, project management and education.  Robert has also gained experience at the strategic level and coal face stages of implementing change to the businesses that he has been a part of.
Nothing beats the satisfaction of “achieving great results from a job well done” and this is a mantra that Robert has constantly applied to the “modus operandi” of his leadership and management style.  Robert oversees all operational aspects of Te Maru o Ruahine Trust, Rauhuia Environmental Services as well as convene and administer the Nga Pae o Rangitikei collective.
Te Maru o Ruahine Trust has been delegated through its legal status to undertake many of the projects and programmes to initiate positive change while ensuring that we hold strong to the vision, values and cultural principles to “preserve and enhance Hauititanga”.  Robert is motivated in being able to assist in building and adding value to the long term aspirations and prosperity for the whānau, hapū and iwi of Ngāti Hauiti.





Social Service Support Kaimahi

Oku piringa Ruapehu te maunga
Heke iho Ruahine te pai maunga
Engari ki Ngāti Maniapoto ahau I tipua ake au.
Raye is a Social Work practitioner of nineteen years experience ten of those years with Te Maru o Ruahine Trust.
Raye is married to Michael Holland from Te Kuiti they have three tamariki Atiria, Michelle and Michael Lonehand all living in Australia.  They also have five mokopuna Zane Taonui, Courtney Mahinaarangi, Willow Ngahui, Kauri Eli and Henri whom were all born in Australia.
Raye and Michael also  have a whāngai daughter Tracey and her partner Dion that add three more mokopuna Jason, Chineque and Jordon who live in Aotearoa.
One of Rayes hobbies that she is passionate about is raranga.


HEALTH SERVICE (Te Kotuku Hauora)


Ngāti Hauiti  Whānau Ora Kaimahi: 

Wanda has lived her entire life within the rohe of Mōkai Pātea.  She is married to Max Horton (he uri o Ngāti Tamakopiri) and they have two tamariki,  Tru aged 17 and Ziah 7.
Wanda has been employed with Te Maru o Ruahine Trust for the last 3 years. Wanda's primary position is as the Whānau Ora Kaimahi for the Hunterville and Rātā rohe whereby she is employed part time by the Iwi Health and Social Service Te Kōtuku Hauora Ltd.  This position involves working with whānau to be empowered to manage their individual health and social needs with an  outcome focused on self-management.
Wanda also holds a second position with Te Maru o Ruahine Trust as the Finance Officer which involves administration support to the managers of Te Maru o Ruahine Trust, Rakautaonga Whenua Tōpū Trust and Te Pātiki Trust Board.
Wanda supports all Ngāti Hauiti projects and has assited in coordinating teams for the Ngāti Hauiti Whānau Sport Day Teams. 




Project Co-ordinator 

Ko Aorangi te Maunga Tapu
Ko Rangitīkei te awa
Ko Mōkai Pātea te rohe potae


Wharerimu’s father is Richard Steedman through him her Ngāti Hauiti hapū is Ngāi Te Ngahoa and her marae is Winiata.  Her mother is Ruiha Steedman (nee Wereta) and through this line to her tupuna Ihakara Te Raro, Ngāti Tamatereka is her hapū of Ngāti Hauiti.
Wharerimu is the eldest daughter of six children and has two brothers and three sisters.  She has four beautiful children two girls and two boys.  Wharerimu spent nine years in Auckland working in all sorts of industries along with studying.  She made the decision to return to her rohe pōtae Mōkai Pātea in 2009 where she worked in Customer Service roles until she saw this opportunity to work within one of her iwi in 2014. 
Wharerimu’s position is the Communications Administrator for Te Maru O Ruahine Trust the operational arm of Ngāti Hauiti.  A major part of her role is to keep the lines of communication open to our whānau whānui by updating registered Ngāti Hauiti members and registering new members who whakapapa to Ngāti Hauiti.  This enables Ngāti Hauiti to communicate with our whānau via post and email. Through this, it also enables our registered members to receive our biennial Te Karere and link into our Facebook page.  Wharerimu has also been a part of co-ordinating the build of our new website and she hopes you all enjoy it.  

Raihania Potaka


Cultural Project Co ordinator

Kia ora tātou e te whānau o Ngāti Hauiti,

It’s been a long time since I was last involved in working for the Iwi. Recently I returned home from Geraldton WA, after living away for almost eight years, working as a Residential Carer in the Mental Health field. I returned just over 14 months ago, with my daughter Kaewa and my two mokopuna; girls, Shayde and Navarha, I must say I did struggle getting used to living back on the farm again but it’s not exactly in the wop-wops, is it. I have now finally relented and settled back into life at the great metropolis of Rata, it’s not that bad!

In February I started a six-month casual contract working for Te Maru o Ruahine Trust to assist Wharerimu with our hapū development projects. There have been some changes over the past ten years with administrative roles changing and a shortage of whānau representation to help develop our tribal infrastructure and asset base. This is a cause for concern. Whānau, if we are to develop ourselves into a healthy robust Iwi for our generations to come, we need your support and contributions to assist us to achieve that goal.

There are vacancies for representation on Te Maru o Ruahine Trust; Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti; Potaka Whānau Trust; Te Patiki Trust; Rākautaonga Trust; and the Rata Marae Komiti. If you think you can assist us and have any questions about these various trusts and what they are all about, please feel free to contact me on my email; hauiti.raihania1@xtra.co.nz, or alternatively any member of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti.

Recently four whānau members including myself, Barbara Thomason, Mina Potaka, Gail Allsop and Lee Ngatoa put our hands up to give support to Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hauiti as interim Rūnanga delegates.

Increasing our Iwi database is not easy but fulfilling and supporting our whanau at grass-roots level is a task that can only be achieved by us.
As most people are aware our Iwi of Mōkai Pātea, including Ngāti Hauiti, has been inundated with the Waitangi Claims Hearings for the past two and a half years, of which I have attended four and given evidence at two. I am currently seeking registrations from whānau who have not previously registered, and also from those who may have previously been registered as children or young adults. For the members who have reached the age of eighteen years since being registered as youngsters they must sign their own registration form as this will enable them to have a vote in any decision-making for their future.

We really need to bolster up our Hauiti database and to also tautoko our Mōkai Pātea whanaunga in general, because most of
us belong to at least three or four Iwi of the central and northern rohe of Mōkai Pātea. A registration form has been in place for some time now and it allows for members of all four Iwi of Mōkai Pātea who are of Ngāti Hauiti, Ngāti Whitikaupeka, Ngāti Tamakōpiri and Ngāi Te Ohuake, to register.
So far we have held two Hauiti Dinners one in Upper Hutt in March and one this June 22nd in Taihape. Our next one will be held in Whanganui in September so please keep your eye out for the confirmed date and venue. A whakapapa wananga will also be held within the coming months and, a He Whetu Arataki youth leadership hui during the same period there will be a lot of communications going out regarding these in the coming month.

We are also arranging a whānau dinner, to be held in Auckland. We will be asking whānau, via Facebook for their thoughts about a suitable venue, preferably at a reasonably priced restaurant. The venue will need to be advertised through the Ngāti Hauiti and Te Maru o Ruahine Trust Facebook page. Wow!! It must be at least thirteen years or more since our one and only Auckland Whānau dinner. I recall that two of our kaumātua Uncle Sarti Potaka and Aunty Lorraine Mc Lister attended that dinner, they have since passed away. It was such an awesome gathering with many of our whānau lines being represented. I'm looking forward to seeing all our city slicker cousins, uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews me ngā kaumatua from Tāmaki Makau-rau. For those of you living up there, please give all our Hauiti whanau a big call-out to encourage them to attend. Oh, what an exciting time we will have. You can contact me on my mobile phone number: 0270780889 or email me. I will l love to hear from you.

I am a believer in building and developing strong relationships within our whānau, hapū and Iwi. Our whakapapa is the framework that establishes our lineage by connecting us through hapū and Iwi. Furthermore, it provides a platform that connects us to the land, our history and places of significance, which are important for future generations of Ngāti Hauiti.

“Toi Te kupu, toi te mana, toi te whenua”

(Without the Māori language, without prestige or mana, and without the land, Māoritanga would cease to exist.)




Registration Administrator


Kia ora Whanau O Ngāti Hauiti, I was born and raised in Putiki Whanganui. I whakapapa to Ngāti Hauiti through my mother Raihania Potaka. I am a descendant of Tamatereka, Te Ngahoa, Ngāti Ruaanga and Ngāi Te Upokoiri hapu, some of which are shared hapu of Ngāti Whitikaupeka and Ngāi Te Ohuake.

I am happy to say I have moved back to Rata from Western Australia after living there for five years. I have two daughters named Shayde; nine years old and Navahra six years old, who are both attending Hunterville School.

I was involved in Ngāti Hauiti rangatahi hui as a teenager during the 90s, which I know now taught me a lot about Ngāti Hauiti and our marae. I also assisted research for Aunty Heather Gifford doing smoking cessation for Whakauae in 2005. I have been given the opportunity to work for Te Maru o Ruahine Trust as the Registrations Administrator. At present I only work one day a week alongside Wharerimu Steedman and Raihania Potaka. I was excited to begin the first part of my journey with learning to work the new Ngāti Hauiti database.
I am still slowly getting the hang of it but will get there in time. I document new registration forms and update existing registered whānau members whom have moved away and no longer have valid contact information in our Database, via Messenger, email, white pages or by contacting them by telephone. It is not easy, at times, searching for whānau who have moved abroad over ten years ago, or whānau whose parents registered them and are now well over eighteen years of age, and have no idea that they are uri of Ngāti Hauiti. However, we are slowly getting there and I am enjoying building new rapports with uri and look forward to reconnecting a lot more whānau as time goes on.



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